Post from Mss Iryna Gerashchenko (First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament) – 20/05/2016 on her FB page.

13230342_1010216349066178_9170565165462729652_nTogether with Oleksii Goncharenko  (editor’s note: Chairman of the Odessa Regional Council, Ukrainian member of parliament), Co-chair of the Ukraine-France Inter-Parliamentary Group held a meeting with Jean-Yves Leconte, a member of the French Senate (editor’s note: Sénateur des Français de l’Etranger).
On June 8, 2016 the debate on a resolution to lift the sanctions against the Russian Federation will be held in the French Parliament (editor’s note: actually vote from Assemblé nationale was in favor of lifting sanctions on April 28, next vote on June 8 will be the Senate, second chamber of French Parliament). This resolution was submitted by the pro-Kremlin members of the French Senate.

We have discussed the issue of the sanctions, the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the visa-free regime. The French Senator has repeated the messages regarding the importance of holding elections in the Donbas region in the context of decentralization ): I suggested honorable Mr. Leconte to be an observer in these elections and asked him who else among the European politicians is ready to visit the occupied territories, taking into account the fact that there are thousands of militants and a lot of Russian weapons hidden in the cities and towns.

We support decentralization, but only after demilitarization. We support the elections. But the elections can be held only after the establishment of the sustainable ceasefire, disarmament, withdrawal of foreign troops and only in accordance with the OSCE standards and the Ukrainian legislation. My impression is that the European politicians, even friends of Ukraine, understand everything but ….

That’s no a reason for us to give up. We are working and explaining our position and providing the facts about the violations of the Minsk agreements made by the Russian Federation that has occupied the part of Ukrainian territory. We have reminded about the human rights violations in the occupied Donbas and Crimea, and about abuses against the Crimean Tatars. We have expressed strong protest against violations of the international law and against the pro-Russian French politicians visiting the occupied Crimea.
This week (May 23 to May 27) MPs of Ukraine will be visiting Paris to hold the meetings with the French colleagues and to provide them with true information and to break the myths of the Russian propaganda.